Tour My App Demo

Below are some demos that show how Tour My App can be effectively used

Page orientation

Page orientation demos are used when a user visits a page for the first time. It shows the user all the important elements on the page so that the user knows how to effectively use the page.

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Task Guidance

A tour is often used to guide the user through the steps required to complete an action. These kinds of tours are interactive, meaning that we wait for the user to perform the action before continuing. In the tour below, you will see how the tour only proceeds when you click the Report link or type something in the search box.

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New User Onboarding

The tours above are also often used to onboard new users. Typocally when a new user signs up, there is no content in their account. Therefore the very first thing you want them to do after their first login is to perform some kind of task. Use a tour to help them do that.

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Popup Notification

Not all tours need to be multiple steps! Use popup notifications to just highlight a specific event. Use these notifications when specific conditions are met in your application.

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